Google Redirect Removal

Google Redirect is reported to be caused by malicious rootkit named TDSS (known also as Alureon, TDSServ, Olmarik) that penetrates into machines and hides deep in the systems. This rootkit is transferred together with different Trojan-based computer infections or it downloads them at a later time. Once TDSS rootkit has gained access to your computer, it will try to gain control over your browser. Google Redirect hijacks your browser and then takes you to compromised and malicious web pages. In this way, it puts your OS in great danger, as it may be infected.

If you want to know how Google Redirect works, know that it hijacks your browser. That means that it will stay hidden somewhere in your system until you initiate a Google search. Then it will activate itself. After you have searched for some information on the Internet, you will not be able to see the web link in which you are interested.

Instead, you will be taken to some malicious web page. Probably this page will spread computer viruses or infections. The page may contain some compromised pictures. Another option is that the site is able to find and use vulnerabilities in programs that are running on targeted PCs to transfer malicious files to the machines. The files are transferred without the knowledge of the PC user. The malicious pages may also offer fake system scanners. The scans will conclude that there are many problems with the user’s machine, and he needs to download some unknown file to fix them. The file comes bundled with a computer infection.

As you can see, the pages to which Google Redirect takes you are unsafe and harmful. For that reason, you have to keep away from Google Redirect. Otherwise, it will put your personal and financial information in danger.

Hot to fix Google Redirect Virus

The best solution for Google Redirect removal is TDSSKiller removal tool by Kaspersky Lab. It is free and very easy for use. Here are the quick steps needed in order to fix Google Redirect:

1. Open a browser and navigate to When asked, save this file to your PC. Extract the executable and run it (if you are running Windows 7 or Windows Vista, right-click on tdsskiller.exe file and choose “Run as Administrator”

2. You will see a clean GUI with a single button.


Figure 1. TDSSKIller start window

Obviously the only interaction here is to click Start scan button.

3. During the scan You will see a progress bar and various notifications from TDSSKiller

Figure 2. TDSSKiller scan progress

3. When the scan is complete (usually in about 2-5 minutes) you will see a list of infected objects and you can choose a desired action for every one of these.

Figure 3. TDSSKiller final results

4. We can advise you always to choose Cure – this is to make sure that TDSSKiller removes TDSS or similar rootkits completely. Next you MUST reboot the computer.

Figure 4. TDSSKiller final screen


To protect your computer from this attacker, you have to scan your PC with a reliable AV application. Choose a trustworthy rootkit remover and scan your computer with it. The program will warn you if Google Redirect has penetrated into your system. Moreover, it will tell you about any computer infections and threats detected. Then you can remove the attacker Google Redirect. You have to know that this intruder does not hijack only Google. Google Redirect also targets Bing and Yahoo, depending on the browser you are using.