Google Redirect Virus

Hackers use the Internet as a tool that can help them in spreading malicious files and programs and transferring them to targeted computers all over the world. To have even more chances to infect more and more PCs, cyber criminals use deceitful viruses that are able to hijack the user’s browser and redirect the searches to compromised web sites. This is known to be exactly what Google Redirect Virus makes. This attacker is reported to infect computers and then redirect their users to malicious and compromised web pages.

This virus targets search engines such as Google and when the PC user wants to search for some information on the Internet, the final search results are automatically modified, and instead of them some malicious web pages are displayed. A clear sign that your search results have been changed is whether the web pages listed contain reliable information or not. Google Redirect Virus takes its victims to insecure web pages that may contain improper pictures or information. Another option is that the pages show you a billing form and offer you to pay for some product. Do not be tricked, as these products are scam tools used to take users` money. The malicious pages may even offer you a free scan of your OS.

Google Redirect Virus works in the following way. When you are browsing the Internet, and you find some information in which you are interested, you click on the link related to the web page. However, instead of the page you are looking for, Google Redirect Virus takes you to some unknown page that, in fact, spreads computer infections. Another symptom of Google Redirect Virus is that it may not allow some of your programs to start. If you want to launch some of the applications Google Redirect Virus does not want to be started, the system will warn you that some error has occurred, and the application is unable to start.

It is believed that Google Redirect Virus has infected 45 000 000 computers. Most of them are known to be located in the USA. This attacker is not only annoying, but also dangerous. It is also known as Yahoo Redirect Virus and Bing Redirect Virus, because it does not target only Google. Although this attacker is called “a virus”, it is, in fact, a malicious rootkit dubbed TDSS. This means that if you want to remove it from your PC, this may turn out to be a very difficult task.

If you think that you have become one of the latest victims of Google Redirect Virus, you have to scan your system using a reliable and effective security application. The tool will warn you if Google Redirect Virus has been detected in your system. If you see that Google Redirect Virus is present on your computer, then you have to take immediate measures and remove the malicious attacker as soon as you can. Otherwise, Google Redirect Virus will put your personal and financial information in danger.