How to Remove Redirect Virus

If you notice that when you want to open some web page, you are taken to a completely different site that you do not know anything about, probably the answer is clear – you have become a victim of one of the latest malicious creations of cyber criminals. Google Redirect Virus is reported to gain access to targeted machines and root itself deep into their systems. This malicious attacker first hijacks your browser and after that redirects your search results. The intruder will not disclose its presence. Moreover, Google Redirect Virus will not tell you about its true intentions and plan. Google Redirect Virus will wait for you to go do a Google search. Only then it will start its tricky plan.

Google Redirect Virus will hide itself deep into the system until the moment when you want to use Google. Then it will activate itself and follow your search results. After you have checked for some information on the Internet and you want to open some link, Google Redirect Virus will not allow you to go the particular web page. Instead, the attacker will manipulate your browser and take you to some other site. The page to which you will be taken will be compromised or will spread malicious files. In this way, Google Redirect Virus uses the reliable and well-known name of Google to mislead PC users into visiting malicious web pages.

The pages displayed after your browser has been hijacked may contain improper information and pictures. Moreover, these pages may be powerful tools of spreading computer viruses to targeted computers. Sometimes these pages may be able to exploit vulnerabilities in programs that are running on targeted computers. Using these vulnerabilities, many malicious files can be transferred to the user’s PC. To do that, there is no need to ask for the approval of the user, as the user does not even know what is happening.

If you see that some of your programs fail to start and an error message is displayed, as well as you cannot open the web pages you want to see, then you have to do something immediately to stop the plan of Google Redirect Virus. Google Redirect Virus has to be removed as soon as you can. Otherwise, there may be serious consequences and problems.

Here are the best free removal tools you can use:

1. Kaspersky TDSSKiller.

2. Avast Anti-Rootkit.


To ensure that your computer is protected, scan your system using a trustworthy security application. It will let you know if there are any infected files or computer viruses. It will also tell you if it has detected Google Redirect Virus. Moreover, the AV tool will warn you if it has detected any system threats.