What is Google Search Redirect?

Google Search Redirect targets your browser and hijacks it so that when you want to follow some web link, you are redirected to a completely different page that is aimed at infecting your PC with malicious software.

Google Search Redirect gains access to targeted computers without disclosing its true intentions. It uses Trojan-based infections to enter into the system. Moreover, this attacker does not even tell the user about its presence. Google Search Redirect hides in the system. It can modify registry entries, as well as add new entries. Google Search Redirect will not show that it has entered into your computer, unless you go to Google. This is due to the fact that Google Search Redirect has hijacked your browser. If you are searching for some information, you will be able to see the links that are related to your search criteria. However, if you want to follow some of them, you will not be able to do that, because when you click on a link, you will be automatically redirected to some malicious page.

Google Search Redirect will take you to a compromised web site that spreads computer infections and malicious files. The web page to which Google Search Redirect redirects you may offer a free system scan. After the scan is completed, you will be told to download an unknown file that will, in fact, transfer an infection to your PC. Moreover, the site to which you are taken may also promote malware or other computer viruses. As you can see, Google Search Redirect will hijack your browser to gain personal profit and make it easier for the creations of hackers to penetrate into your system.

Google redirects are also a clear sign for a rootkit presence. TDSS.Rootkit is the most common reason for browser hijacking. The worst thing is that except the annoying redirects, this dangerous rootkit opens a backdoor on your computer for cyber criminals. That`s why it is very important to take all the measures needed to remove the rootkit as soon as possible.

If you notice that you are redirected to various malicious pages, this is a clear sign that you have become a victim of Google Search Redirect. To solve the problem, you have to use a legitimate and reliable AV tool that will warn you about the presence of Google Search Redirect on your PC. Using this trustworthy application, you will be able to remove the attacker. Otherwise, you may find your computer seriously infected with malicious viruses.

How to remove google search redirect.